Sale of highest quality Microcement bicomponent. Pigments and Sealants Topsealer. Tools for working the microcement and preparation of the support


High performance sealants for microcement as final finishing coat, protect the coating to increase chemical and mechanical resistance.


Pigments for Microcements. We have a wide range of colors for Microcemento: Arcocem PLUS, Arcocemn BASIC, Arcocemn Metal.

Microbase 20Kg

Microbase has been designed for preparing substrates that will be covered with Microdeck, Microfino or Microstone.


Microcement Microdeck

Microdeck is suitable to produce seamless and high resistant floors with smooth and textured finishes.


Microfino 20Kg

Thin microtopping for continuous coating of walls and non-passable surfaces. With fine touch and water effects

Prepol 5 l

Water based primer used before sealing microcement. Prepol is a union bridge that consolidates and waterproofs microcement


Topsealer DSV 4l + 2l

Topsealer DSV 4l + 2l solvent based polyurethane with a hardener to seal microcement


Microcement Aquaciment M

Microcement Aquaciment M finishing for pool lining with natural finish, applied after the Aquaciment XL

Microstone Microcement

Microstone provides rough, slip-resistant finishes suitable for high-traffic floorings.


New Acricem resin

Acrylic resin, applicable:To consolidate concrete-based substrates before applying Topciment’s microcements. As an additive to the water used for any mortar. As B Component for the two-component Topciment’s microcements.


Water-based sealer with polymers in dispersion used for the sealing of Aquaciment (microcement for swimming pools)


Primacem GRIP

Universal adhesion promoter with aggregates to coat whitewashes or plaster. Primacem GRIP guarantees the bonding of microcement to surfaces leaving a rough texture.


Primacem ABS

Adhesion promoter for bonding microcement to absorbent surfaces such concrete, self-leveling or plaster.


Ceraciment Maintenance wax for floors.

Maintenance wax for floors. Composite that provides hardness and natural brightness, as well as persistent. Its special formula especially indicated for Microcemento floors.